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The study PARK-PICU EU (Prevalence of Acute Rehab for Kids in the PICU in Europe) is a point prevalence study aimed at establishing the prevalence and characteristics of mobility as part of routine clinical care for critically ill children. Furthermore, demographic and treatment-related barriers to formal involvement of physical and occupational therapists (PT/OT) in the care of PICU patients will be studied as well as factors associated with mobility progression. The results of the study will inform interventional trials testing the effect of early mobilization interventions on short and long-term outcomes in children undergoing active neurocognitive and physical development.

A related study is the US PARK-PICU study, led by Sapna Kudchadkar, MD at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. At this moment, more than 70 US sites are involved. In collaboration with Dr. Kudchadkar, I am initiating and leading the PARK-PICU study Europe-wide. PARK-PICU EU is endorsed by the Executive Committee of the European Society of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC).

PARK-PICU EU data collection will take place on two days, the first in March/April 2018. This will involve screening of all patients in participating PICUs who already have been admitted in the PICU for at least 72 hours. General information can be found at, the website for the US PARK-PICU study, which is identical to the PARK-PICU-EU study. 

If you are enthusiastic about this timely and highly relevant study in pediatric critical care and would like to participate, please send your contact details to: or complete the ‘expression of interest form’ at

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For further information please contact Dr. Erwin Ista (, Principle Investigator PARK-PICU EU.