Chair of Respiratory Failure

Marti Pons

Our section is nowadays actively working on a new on-line ESPNIC NIV course. It will be tested in our next ESPNIC NIV course in Bristol organised by Dr Mireia Garcia-Cuscó. Afterwards, EACCME certification will be requested to UEMS. In October both an ESPNIC NIV course (4-5th) and an NIV instructors course (5-6th) will be organised in Barcelona.

Recently, our members with skills in the advanced simulation have been invited by the Chair of Educational affairs, Dr Medina to participate in the first ESPNIC Advanced Simulation course. This course will be held at the end of June in La Coruña, Spain.

In our next EAPS meeting, there will be again a pre-congress workshop about Basics in Mechanical Ventilation. 

Following the NIV model, we will start very soon to work on developing an ESPNIC mechanical ventilation course. It will be a blended course with online section and face to face section. All members with accredited experience in teaching mechanical ventilation, especially with skills with advanced simulation courses will be more than welcome to the project.


Following the research track, first of all, we want to congratulate the former Chair and Deputy Chair for their achievements (several papers in Intensive Care Medicine), and last but not least, Dr Mayordomo who lead and get published in Pediatric Pulmonology the survey about NIV practices in Europe.

We aim to organise an online meeting to summarise our member's proposals focused on research. Being probably, the most influential PICU network in Europe, our next steps should be oriented to get funding for future research. So we need to select among the proposals one or two very well-designed and robust projects and apply for grants.