Chair of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Julie Menzies

My name is Julie Menzies and I have been elected as an interim Chair of the Nursing Section of ESPNIC.  I’ve worked in a 32–bed UK Paediatric Intensive Care (PIC) for 19 years, which provides care to a wide range of patients; including liver, cardiac, trauma and neonates. During this time I’ve undertaken roles in patient transport and retrieval, staff education and research, as well as undertaking a part-time Masters and PhD. After finishing my PhD my job is now as a Nurse Researcher, managing a team of research staff who deliver research studies within PICU as well developing grant applications and carrying out my own research.  My research interests include the care and support of patients and families, mobilisation and rehabilitation of patients, outcomes following PICU, workforce planning and staff retention. I am based within the hospital setting but I also have an honorary contract with the University of Birmingham. I teach and supervise nursing and allied health professional staff for their degree and masters dissertations. 

Collaborating is important to share knowledge and practices and ensure our patients and families are getting the best care.