Chair of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Barbara Geven

Hello, my name is Barbara Geven, recently I have been elected as the  chair of the Nursing Section of ESPNIC. Thank you for your votes and trust!

I currently work as a PICU nurse and Clinical Epidemiologist in the PICU of Amsterdam UMC in the Netherlands. When I finished nursing school, almost 10 years ago, I specialized in paediatric nursing immediately and quickly discovered that the ICU would be a more suitable place for me, so I specialized in Neonatal Intensive Care nursing. After sometime I realized I missed the older children and became a Pediatric Intensive Care nurse. For me this is the best combination of infants, toddlers and teens, their variety of life-threatening diseases and situations and the interaction  with parents.

Last October I obtained my master’s degree in Evidence Based Healthcare and became a Clinical Epidemiologist. My master thesis focused on the risk factors for Iatrogenic Withdrawal Syndrome and the influence of Dexmedetomidine. I plan to continue my research in this field.

I am very excited to have the  opportunity to chair this section. Together with Julie Menzies as vice-chair, we will work hard to represent our Nursing and Allied Health Professional members and advance the Pediatric and Neonatology Intensive Care  Nursing Section to a higher level.