Chair of Neuro Critical Care

Barney Scholefield

Dr Barney Scholefield is an NIHR Clinician Scientist at the University of Birmingham, UK and Honorary Consultant in paediatric intensive care at Birmingham Women & Children’s Hospital.  He is the current Chair of the UK PICS-SG research group, coordinating UK wide multi-centre paediatric critical care clinical trials and Chair of the Neuro-critical care section of the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal intensive care.  He leads a neuro-critical care research programme at the University of Birmingham (PACK, Post cardiac Arrest Care in Kids) focused on the neuro-monitoring, neuro-protection and neuro-prognostication after cardiac arrest and acquired brain injury.

HIs interests include 1) Post cardiac arrest neuroprotective therapies in children (eg. therapeutic hypothermia) and was the UKs Principle Investigator for the Therapeutic Hypothermia after Paediatric Cardiac Arrest (THAPCA) study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, USA. 2) Post TBI and cardiac arrest prognostic modelling using clinical and multi-modal monitoring ( eg continuous aEEG, EEG and SSEPs) and 3) Evaluation of early rehabilitation and mobilisation after paediatric critical care.