Chair of Cardiovascular Dynamics

Joris Lemson

Joris Lemson was trained in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine and has extensive clinical experience in both adult and pediatric (cardiac) intensive care and anesthesia but has also been working for the helicopter emergency medical team. Since 2008 Joris has been a full time consultant for the pediatric intensive care unit of the Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, of which he became medical director in 2009. Joris has been instructor and course director for the Advanced Pediatric Life Support course for many years. His research activities concern hemodynamics and hemodynamic monitoring in pediatric patients. He is involved as participant and supervisor in many clinical and experimental animal studies concerning hemodynamics but also studies concerning patient safety and respiratory failure.

This is my last year as chairman of this section. This year I would like to facilitate a multicenter study in hemodynamics and also hope to complete the guideline for hemodynamic monitoring in children.