Lung Ultrasound in the NICU and PICU Course to be held in Paris, France April 12-13, 2018

Lung ultrasound is an easy and quick technique that is changing the life of intensivists at the bedside. The course at South Paris University Hospitals has been provided for over three years in many editions in French, English and even Italian in the future. People from America, Africa, China and several European Countries already attended and considered it very useful.
The next English course edition will be April 12-13, 2018.
It will be a two-day, interactive, theoretical and practical course covering all aspects of lung ultrasound in PICU and NICU care. Participants will receive all didactic material including slides, video, etc and will do hands-on sessions between them and on infants. Lunch and coffee break are included. The secretariat is happy to help with housing reservations. We hope to remain in contact with trainees for future help, images evaluation and sharing future research projects on the subject.

For more information on this course, click here or email Mrs. Anne Duforest