Hotly anticipated - our Top 5 sessions at the congress


Just one month left until the start of the fully rebranded Xperience at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (ESPNIC 2021). This year ESPNIC has elevated the virtual experience to a completely new level offering unique ESPNIC TV, Science at the bar or Interactive sessions with the audience. ESPNIC 2021 Xperience will bridge the physical distance between us and provide cutting-edge science and knowledge from across the world. Register now and enjoy this unique Xperience. A virtual meeting has allowed to lower registration fees and offer access to the whole Xperience for €150 - €370.

1. Breakfast with an Expert

When attending a congress - even breakfast time can provide an opportunity for networking and learning. ESPNIC TV will offer you a unique Breakfast with an Expert time from 8:30 CEST on each of the congress days. 

2. Young Investigators Session

Each year ESPNIC recognises young investigators by giving an award for best research of a young ESPNIC Member. One of the most exciting parts is the presentation, ranked by the whole ESPNIC Executive committee and Section chairs. Follow this on the ESPNIC TV on 17th June at 4:45 pm CEST.  Right after this session at 6:45 CEST again on ESPNIC TV you can watch Young ESPNIC sessions - practical advice on how to be professional in social media, manage to teach online or build good mentorship relations

3. The Best of....

For the first year ESPNIC is organising two joint sessions highlighting the best scientific content of the congresses of two other societies. On 17th June at 12:45 pm CEST you can watch The Best of: Cardiac Critical Care from a Cardiologist’s Perspective - The Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC)  followed by The Best of: Neonatal Critical Care Pearls - Union of European Neonatal and Perinatal Societies on the next day, 18th June at 9:30 CEST

4. Hot Topics

Following the successful first edition of Updates in Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care 2019 -a book also known as the "Hot Topics Book", ESPNIC is collecting again in a book the Years' Hottest Topics in PICU/NICU. But this time some of those findings will be transformed into scientific sessions broadcasted on ESPNIC TV. Check the ESPNIC Xperience program and be the first to get the news. 

5. Presidents' session

On 18th June at 5:15 pm the Presidents' session will take place announcing the winners of the many ESPNIC Awards and Grants: Young Investigator Award, Nursing Award, Medtronic and Neosim Grant winners and Denis Devictor award. The session will be followed by a talk delivered by Prof. Peter Rimensberger who will be the awardee of the 2021 Award.