EPIC Diploma™ Looks to the East

ESPNIC’s managing director of credentialing, Mr. J David Rozsa, travelled to Moscow at the end of October to promote the European Paediatric / Neonatal Intensive Care Diploma™ (EPIC Diploma™ at the 1st Russian Congress of Pediatric Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists—which was co-sponsored by the Russian Pediatric Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists Association (АДАР) and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.  Dr. Andrei Ustinovich Lekmanov, a past Member of the European Board of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (EBPNIC, ESPNIC’s board that oversees the EPIC Diploma™), is on the Scientific Committee of this congress.

Representing ESPNIC at the congress alongside internationally renowned experts such as Dr. Jurgen de Graaff (Erasmus MC), Dr. Laszlo Vutskits (Université de Genève), Dr. Markus Weiss (University Children’s Hospital, University of Zurich), and Dr. Francis Veyckemans (Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Lille, and President-Elect of ESPA), Mr. Rozsa (second from the right in the photo above) spoke on the topic of “Establishing a Global Standard of Practice and Training for Paediatric Intensive Care: The Value of the EPIC Diploma™.”


The presentation complemented other sessions such as “Quality and Training in Pediatric Anesthesia” and was well-received—prompting a highly engaged discussion among congress attendees and with the President of АДАР, Dr. Dmitry Vladislavovich Zabolotsky.  At the end of the presentation, the last question asked was, “how long will it take to translate the EPIC Diploma™ exam into Russian?”


resized Moscow Rozsa and other speakers

To request that ESPNIC present the EPIC Diploma™ (and how establishing this global standard can improve outcomes in paediatric and neonatal intensive care) at a national society’s congress, contact epic@espnic-online.org.


More information, the EPIC Diploma™ Applicant Guide, and the application are available at our website