The EPIC Diploma™ program (European Paediatric / Neonatal Intensive Care Diploma™) is a peer-developed, consensus standard, following the European Diploma best practices established by the European Union’s Union of European Medical Specialists’ Council for European Specialists Medical Assessments (EU UEMS CESMA), and offers a straightforward, two-Part pathway to Board certification. 

The purpose of the EPIC Diploma™ program is to harmonize and improve quality standards for safe, independent practice in paediatric and neonatal intensive care in Europe and elsewhere. 

Since launching the program in 2016, over 100 complete applications have been received! In case you are wondering if other EPIC Diploma™ applicants are like you

  • Over 40% of EPIC Diploma candidates apply from Europe, with 35% applying from the Middle East and 10% applying from Asia. 
  • More than half of the candidates who have sat the exam satisfied at least one topic of the “training in specific topics” eligibility requirement through on-the-job training. 
  • Most applicants are physicians; advanced nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals may be eligible if they perform essentially the same role as a physician in the PICU or NICU (more details are available in the EPIC Diploma™ Applicant Guide). 
  • Candidates are applying at all stages of their careers (the average age of applicants is 41 years): 
    • 9% of applicants have 1 year of experience working in a PICU or NICU
    • 41% have 2-5 years’ experience
    • 31% have 6-10 years’ experience
    • 15% have 11-19 years’ experience
    • 4% have more than years’ experience 

Will you be the next candidate to become European Board-Certified in Paediatric / Neonatal Intensive Care? 

Download the EPIC Diploma™ Applicant Guide at, follow the link to the online application, then sit each Part of the exam at our global network of 8,000+ computer-based test centres (visit to locate a test centre near you).

Exam fee information and the optional practice test are also available at Once you apply and are deemed eligible, you will be invited to participate in the EPIC Diploma™ LinkedIn Study Group, where you can collaboratively study for the exam with your peers.


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