Membership fees

The following membership dues are valid for one calendar year (January to December).

Medical Member

Membership fee for one year

Automatic renewal option

 Medical Member ESPNIC (High-income countries)

 150 €

 Automatic renewal

Medical Member ESPNIC (Lower-income countries*)

 120 €

  Automatic renewal

Medical Trainee** (High Income countries) 

 80 €


Medical Trainee**(Lower-income countries*) 

 50 €


Medical Student**

 20 €


*ESPNIC Follows the country classification of World Bank list 2019:

** All Trainees and Students have to present a signed Trainee Declaration Form provided each year confirming their status.

Apply for your membership

Please click on the application form and follow the steps.

Membership benefits

- Reduced registration fees to all ESPNIC events and congresses 
- Free access to the ESPNIC e-learning and multimedia materials through the ESPNIC Academy Website
- Grant and award opportunities for both nursing and medical members
- Reduced registration fees to endorsed educational and training activities: post-graduate courses, workshop and training courses and conferences
- Access to network opportunities with the leading experts in the fields of PICU & NICU
- Participation in ESPNIC’s scientific activities, including positions in Sections and Working groups, Research groups, Research support grants
- Access to PICU/NICU European registry through our website


For any queries / questions please contact the ESPNIC Membership services

Email: ESPNIC Membership services

Tel: +41 22 906 91 78