The ESPNIC Nursing Fellowship Programmes 

2018 Awardee: Ms. Isobel Macleod, Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK

2016 Awardees: Ms. Laura Walsh, ESPNIC Nursing Member, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust Liverpool, UK, and Ms. Matjana Koren Golja, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

2011 Awardees: Ms. Geja van Blijderveen and Mr. Roland van Rens, Erasmus Medical Centre-Sophia Children’s hospital Rotterdam

2011 Awardee: Dr. Lyvonne Tume, ESPNIC Nursing member and nursing researcher, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust Liverpool, UK, has participated in the

2010 Awardee: Mr. Jos Latour, ESPNIC Nursing member and clinical researcher, Sophia's Children Hospital Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

As a nursing researcher he attended the European Clinical Research Network Trial Group Meeting, organised by ESICM and held in Nice, France on November 25 - 26, 2010.       

Best Nursing Awards 2018

Best Neonatal Oral Presentation 2018: Monique Petrov, USA

Best Paediatric Oral Presentation 2018: Rachel Bower, United Kingdom

Best Neonatal E-poster 2018: Manuela Filippa, CH

Best Paediatric E-poster 2018: Marla Avila, Brazil

Best Nursing Awards 2017

Best Neonatal Oral Presentation 2017: Andreane Lavalle, Canada

Best Paediatric Oral Presentation 2017: Jenna Spry, United Kingdom

Best Neonatal E-poster 2017: Marilyn Aita, Canada

Best Paediatric E-poster 2017: Daniele Barros, Brazil

Special Prize: Silva Kostylioviene, Lithuania

Best Nursing Awards 2015

Best Neonatal Oral Presentation 2015: Pia Lundqvist, Sweden

Best Oral Presentation 2014 NICU:  N. Herranz; Spain 

Abstact title: Accuracy of Bedside Paediatric Early Warning System (Bedsidepews in a Paediatric Stem Cell Transplant Unit)

Best Nursing Awards 2014

Best Oral Presentation 2014 PICU: A. K. Thomson, Denmark

Parents experience of the follow-up conversation in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) after death of a child_End of life and Quality of life 

Best Oral Presentation 2014 NICU:  N. Herranz; Spain 

Development of a parent’s guide for newborn with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Best Poster 2014 PICU: P.L. Dreschler, The Netherlands

The development of a pediatric pain History  

Best Poster 2014 NICU: A. Vaskelyte; Lithuania

Parental needs in Neonatal Intensive Care

Best Nursing Awards 2013

Best Paediatric Oral paper 2013: C. Magner

The impact of analgesia and sedation guidelines in an Irish PICU

Best Neonatal Oral paper 2013: N. Schuetz- Haemmerli 

Parenthood and parenting stress after preterm birth: ‘Losing and regaining a taken for grantedness

Best Paediatric Poster 2013: S. Steinnes

Nurses’ view on approaching parents about research within the PICU    

Best Neonatal Poster 2013: L. Byrne

Is the echelle douleur et incomfort nouveau a valid and sensitive pain measurement in preterm neonates

Best Nursing Awards 2012

Best Paediatric Oral paper 2012: Filippo Festini

The Rights of Hospitalized Children. A Survey on their Implementation in Italian Pediatric Units

Best Nursing Paediatric Poster 2012: Mirko Calamani

Effectiveness of Cala-dol, a new non pharmacological method to reduce pain in children undergoing intramuscular immunization

Best Neonatal Poster 2012: Margo Pritchard

Screening development domains in preterm children  

Best Nursing Award 2011

Best Neonatal Oral paper 2011:  G Roije, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Best Paediatric Oral paper 2011: M. van Dijk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Comfort Behaviour (COMFORT-B) Scale deserve its Popularity?

Best Paediatric poster 2011:   N. Azar, Israel
Acting Bundle for Achieving better Compliance Hand Hygiene

Best Neonatal poster 2011: P. Lundquist, Sweden
Reorganization in Life: Fathers' Lived Experience of the three Years of Life since their very preterm Child was born