Your commitment as a member is of vital importance to our society, and we strongly count on your support to help us evolve to not only best serve our members but to also achieve our mission and vision to improve the standards of care for critically ill neonates and children throughout Europe.     
ESPNIC is calling upon its members to help shape the future of the society.

We now invite and encourage all members to vote for the positions of:

  • Medical President-Elect
  • Nursing President-Elect

Terms of References:
To learn more about the position, please download the terms of references:


You have 6 weeks to apply so please, submit your application by email to the ESPNIC Office by the 7th April 2019. No candidature will be accepted after this deadline.
Please note that your application should be sent with the following information:

  1. The completed candidate form
  2. A passport style photo in jpg format
  3. Your CV

Your candidature will be considered only upon receipt of all documents.

Voting will take place between 8th April and 3rd May 2019. All active members have received an email with instructions as to how the voting will take place. 

Results will be announced 10th May 2019.

In order to participate in this elections you have to be an active ESPNIC member for 2019


To apply:

Please note only members in “good standing” (paid members) will be considered for candidature. 

According to SOP 7.2 :."..or voters, the membership fee must be paid before the ballots starts"
For any questions related to your membership status, please send an email to