New Dates: ESPNIC Winter School 2020

Winter school

Winter School will now take place from 14 to 16 September and will take place physically as planned in Champery, Switzerland.

3-day refresher course targeted at candidates preparing for the European Paediatric / Neonatal Intensive Care DiplomaTM (EPIC DiplomaTM), or any individuals wanting to refresh their core knowledge of the specialty.

4th ESPNIC Winter School will focus on the core topics of paediatric intensive care: hemodynamics, sepsis and basic in neonatology

  • More time will be allowed for practical hands-on training.
  • Led by key speakers and experts from ESPNIC this course provides an insight into current topics and controversies in hemodynamics, sepsis and basics in neonatology
  • Each area will have both dedicated theory and practical components.

Speakers include: Yogen Singh (United Kingdom), Joe Brierley (United Kingdom), Isabel Benavente (Spain), Daniele de Luca (France), Pierre Tissières (France) & Etienne Jahouvay (France)

Educational Programme

1. Hemodynamics

Speakers: Yogen Singh (United Kingdom), Joe Brierley (United Kingdom)

  • Hemodynamic assessment at bedside, tools including POCUS
  • Therapeutic measures
  • Basics of cardiopulmonary interactions

2. Neonatology for the Paediatric Intensivist

Speakers: Yogen Singh (United Kingdom), Isabel Benavente (Spain), Daniele de Luca (France) 

  • Respiratory failure including MAS, CDH, BPD as well as early-onset neuromuscular disease
  • Hemodynamics during the transition, including POCUS
  • Malformations: oesophageal atresia, trachea-oesophageal fistula, AV-malformation, Gastro- and laparochisis
  • Neonatal stroke and seizures
  • Hypoxic Encephalopathy
  • Basics on congenital heart disease

3. Sepsis and Infectious disease

Speakers: Etienne Jahouvay (France), Pierre Tissières (France) 

  • Definitions, clinical recognition, primary resuscitation and therapeutic interventions, goal targeting concepts
  • Upcoming new paediatric sepsis guidelines
  • Infectious etiologies, antibiotics, immune-response modulation
  • Additional therapies: ventilatory management, Ino, hemodynamic and assessment of basic cardiac function in sepsis (POCUS), MOF and organ replacement therapies

Registration fees

Attendee category

ESPNIC Members

Non-ESPNIC Member

Medical Member

380 € (course only)

455 € (course only)

Nursing Member

200 € (course only)

250 € (course only)

More information for registration can be found on the Event Website.