• Certain activities, both scientific and educational, would qualify for ESPNIC endorsement. Those activities of high scientific quality that embrace the values and vision of ESPNIC can be submitted for consideration.

Which activities can receive ESPNIC Endorsement?

What are the benefits of seeking ESPNIC Endorsement?

  • Your activity will be included in the ESPNIC activities database
  • Advertisement in the ESPNIC website, newsletter and social media
  • Acknowledgment of partnership with the wider paediatric and neonatal intensive care community

What is the cost?

     • No application cost.
     • For conferences, meetings, courses or other educational activities subject to a registration fee payment, ESPNIC may ask a contribution up to 5% of the registration fee for each paying participant. This is reviewed in a case by case basis.

How do I request endorsement?

  • Download and fill the application form; this form contains the purpose of the activity and the profile of the professionals to whom it is addressed, entities organizing the event, members of the organizing and scientific committees and their conflicts of interest, other endorsements and continuing education credits applied for.
  • Accept reciprocal agreements and obligations.
  • Attach the original program of the event, or the draft of the publication or website, or the network/partnership project.
  • Send all documents to info@espnic-online.org

What will happen after that?

  • All submissions will be reviewed, if adequately completed, by the Secretary.
  • If all criteria are met, the endorsement will be also sent for approval to the Chair of Scientific affairs/Chair of Education (as appropriate), Medical president and Nursing president (when appropriate). In some cases, the review of the entirety of the Executive committee will be required.
  • The decision will be made in 10 working days since the full reception of the documentation by the Secretary. In exceptional circumstances, this can take up to 30 days.

What can I do to advertise my event if it doesn’t fulfill the endorsement criteria? 

Advertisement or promotion of courses and events on the ESPNIC website are possible, after payment of a fee. Applications should be sent to the ESPNIC office (info@espnic-online.org) and will be managed by the website Committee. Advertisement or promotion does not entail to any other rights typical of the endorsement.