Salient features of the book:

• The ONLY book with comprehensive material on AKI and RRT accompanied by practical aspects- nursing and medical with contributions by stalwarts in the field of critical care nephrology in children
• This book covers the basics as well as advances in the field of Critical Care Nephrology.
• Each chapter is dedicated to the practical aspects of a particular topic elucidating various management decision points.
• Each chapter is accompanied with algorithms, figures, and protocols from world-renowned institutes in tabulated format.
• Information on how to manage specific conditions are contextualized with relevant background anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, and practical examples.

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PSC & PIPSQC Paediatrics Summit (20 May 2014)

View the MiST video as well as slides from the Summit on the PIPSQC Presentations page:

• Delivering a Collaborative Approach to Paediatric Patient Safety - Dr. Peter Lachman
• The Introduction of a Specialist Paediatric Vascular Access Team in an Acute Trust - Sara Melville
• Developing a National Programme for Patient Safety - Dr. John Fitzsimons
• Coaching, Caring and Career Building; How to Improve Care for Children - Dr. David Vaughan
• Developing Measurement Systems to Decrease Harm - Dr. Peter-Marc Fortune
• Challenging the Issues of Missed and Delayed Diagnosis - Dr. Rachel Agbeko; Dr. Jane Cassidy
and more...

PACT (Patient-centred Acute Care Training), a product of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), is an up-to-date, on-line, modular curriculum for Intensive (Critical) Care Medicine. It is an educational resource aimed at advancing and harmonising the quality of Acute and Critical Care Medicine training and practice.

Parental Knowledge of Potential Cancer Risks From Exposure to Computed TomographyPediatrics Journal published 8 July 2013

Paediatric and neonatal intensive care, Public Service Review: European Science and Technology, Issue 17

Paediatric Emergency Drugs App (Paeds App) available for download on the Apple Store

The Paediatric Emergency Drugs (Paeds Drugs) App combines years of clinical experience in the care of critically ill children with hand-held technology.

Paeds Drugs is useful for nurses, doctors, ambulance crew and everyone who... needs key Paediatric Drug data in their pocket.

NIV cover

Title: Non-Invasive Ventilation in Pediatrics
2nd Edition
ISBN: 978-84-8473-757-5
The aim of the second edition of "Non-Invasive Ventilation in Pediatrics" was to incorporate all of the knowledge concerning NIV in children accumulated in the past four years. Nonetheless, due to the limited body of literature on NIV, there are many aspects of this treatment that are directed primarily by experience and by each authors's opinion.  

Authors: A. Medina, M. Pons, F. Martinón-Torres  

Price: 30 EUR    

Title: Critical Care Nursing of Infants and Children (Textbook)

Authors: Martha A.Q. Curley (RN, PhD, FAAN), Pat Moloney-Harmon (RN, MSN, CCNS, FAAN)
Price: from USD 235.00


Treatments and strategies

Title: 2010 eBook edition of Treatment Strategies – Paediatrics

Author: Cambridge Research Centre

Available online at: .    

The EU Clinical Trials Register launched by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)

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