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The official knowledge portal of the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care.The ESPNIC Academy is the most advanced flexible and powerful learning tool in the field of paediatric and neonatal intensive care  featuring a wide range of educational content developed by ESPNIC over the years.

ESPNIC’s exclusive collection of educational materials includes:

  • Webcasts
  • Educational podcasts
  • Interactive presentations
  • Position statements
  • Clinical cases
  • Interactive learning quizzes


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Talks on the Go

Talks-on-the-Go™ is a spectacular webcast iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android app for viewing and reviewing congress and conference webcasts!

ESPNIC is proud to announce that all ESPNIC webcasts are now available on the new webcast app "Talks-on-the-Go" enabling ESPNIC members to access every webcasted presentation produced since day one of this educational initiative.

Every presentation features speaker’s laser pointer movements, so when a speaker says "as you can see here" when referring to an image or graph, viewers can easily follow, swipe their fingers from left to right to change slides, and even read the synchronised transcriptions that are available.

Enhance your educational experience now, download Talks-on-the-Go™ for free and watch presentations as if you were sitting in the audience.

To download Talks On The Go directly to your iPhone or your Android phone, you can also open the browser on your smartphone and go to:

How to install the webcast app

To access educational webcasts on your mobile devices via “TALKS on the GOTM” download the app directly by clicking on the following links:

for iPad/iPhone:

for Android Smartphones & Tablets 
(your Android device must have version 3.2 or up)

Alternatively download the app through the Apple App Store or Google Play store for Android Smartphones & Tablets by searching for: “Talks on the Go” (Please note you must include the quotation marks.

For ESPNIC Members, once the application installed on your device simply enter your username & password, received via the ESPNIC Webcast newsletter (or contact ) to access all listed webcasts.


Every presentation features:

  • Animated slides with visible laser pointer movements and PowerPoint animations
  • Synchronized transcription (when available)
  • A slide gallery with easy to swipe well as a search system to find presentations by content relevance, speaker name or title of presentation.


Access to the Academy content is available only for ESPNIC members as a new membership benefit.

Join us today and gain your exclusive access to ESPNIC exclusive Academy!