ESICM - European Society of Intensive Care Medicine *** Official Sister Society of ESPNIC***

ESICM supports and promotes the advancement of knowledge in intensive care medicine, in particular the promotion of the highest standards of multidisciplinary care of critically ill patients and their families through education, research and professional development. 

EFCNI - The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants

The European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI) is the first pan-European organization and interactive network to represent the interest of preterm infants, ill newborns and their families. It gathers together parents, professionals and other stakeholders from different disciplines with the common goal of improving long-term health of preterm and newborn children by ensuring the best possible prevention, treatment, care and support.

COINN – The Council of International Neonatal Nurses

The Council of International Neonatal Nurses (TM) or COINN is an exciting organization that represents nurses who specialize in the care of newborn infants and their families or have a special interest in this area of nursing. COINN, pronounced just like the money-currency or a coin – acts much like money as a method of exchange of information among countries. COINN is part of the growing international community of nurses that represents a resource for nurses that want to form a national or local organization, create guidelines for care or professional standards or just want advice on neonatal nursing issues.

EfCCNa –European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations

The European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations (EfCCNa) is a formal network of critical care nursing associations in Europe. Founded in 1999 it currently has 28 national member associations that represent approximately 25.000 European critical care nurses. Since its inception the mission of the federation has been clear:  to promote collaboration and equity among the national critical care member associations in order to improve nursing care of critically ill patients and their families.

ESPA – European society for Paediatric Anaesthesiology

The ESPA aims to provide a variety of services to anaesthesiologists involved in paediatric anaesthesia, including coordination the organisation of an annual international congress on paediatric anaesthesia by local organisations, establishing guidelines on the training, organisation and practice of paediatric anaesthesia and acting as a centre of expertise for paediatric anaesthesiology

ESPR – European Society for Paediatric Research

ESPR aims to promote paediatric research in Europe and encourage collaboration between different specialised fields of paediatrics to maintain paediatrics as a unified, scientifically orientated discipline.

One of the ways ESPR achieves these goals is by organising its own annual congress and co-organising others. These prestigious paediatric meetings attract thousands of experts in all fields of paediatrics, providing them with networking opportunities and exposure to the latest available research, treatments and patient care.

GSA – Global Sepsis Alliance

The Global Sepsis Alliance is a non-profit charity organization with the aim to raise awareness of sepsis worldwide and reduce sepsis deaths by 20 % by 2020. Here is what we do to achieve these goals.

WFPICCS – World Federation of Pediatric Intensive and Critical Care Societies

The mission of the Federation is exclusively educational, scientific and charitable in nature. WFPICCS exists to disseminate and make available the high standards of Pediatric Intensive & Critical Care to all children of the world.