In view of developing and expanding our activities, and further involving our members, we are pleased to announce that ESPNIC has officially formed the following sections to support its various scientific activities:

Cardiovascular Dynamics

Section Chair: Joris Lemson

Deputy Chair: Vacant Position



Cardiac ICU and Mechanical Circulatory Support 

Section Chair: Eduardo Da Cruz

             Deputy Chair: Cecile Tissot            

Da Cruz edit

Tissot edit


Mission Statement

The ESPNIC ethics section is dedicated to fostering discussion and debate around ethical issues in the care of critically ill children The objectives of the section are to:

1. Develop interesting, engaging and practically relevant sessions for the ESPNIC annual conference 2. Promote and encourage collaborative international ethics research across European neonatal and paediatric intensive care units 3. Develop educational resources for ethical issues in critically ill children 4. Develop ethical guidelines and policy proposals for the paediatric critical care community 5. Mediate different ethical standpoints between medical and nursing members

Section Chair: Jens Möller

Deputy Chair: Dominic Wilkinson 



Improvement, Quality and Safety & ICU outcome

Section Chair: Jan Hazelzet

Deputy Chair: Corinne Buysse



Infection, systemic inflammation and sepsis

Section Chair: Koos Jansen 

Deputy Chair: Etienne Javouhey



Metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition


Our first objective is to focus on Vilnius congress during which numbers of communications on nutrition are planned to update our practices. Gathering in Lithuania will also give our group the opportunity to meet each other, to learn to know each other better, in order to build a dynamic team; and of course welcome new motivated recruits (dieticians, nurses, paediatricians, intensivists, etc.). We need our projects to be broadly diffused and that members of the section can send their feedback.

Beside, a survey is about to be sent to better understand the wishes, needs, and resources of the section.

We work hardly to extend our net, co-working with other nutrition scientific societies (ESPEN, ESPGHAN, and national societies). Critically ill children deserve the attention of nutritionists, paediatricians and dieticians, and we believe that sharing experience with them will enhance nutrition care in PICU. Education programs are already involving our members (LLL nutrition courses) and will be developed in the future.

Guidelines are lacking in our area, this should be one of our concern to build them. Once again it will imply motivated members to review literature and propose or participate actively to future research studies. Feeding ESPNIC website will also be our challenge.

A lot of energy is consumed on nutrition, which should not let us neglect metabolism and endocrinology, two other major targets of our section.

Together, let’s make our section a challenging, efficient and successful one!

Section Chair: Koenraad Joosten

Deputy Chair: Frederic Valla



Neuro critical care

Mission Statement

As we all know it is very difficult to perform studies in pediatric intensive care . The reason are the low numbers of children with exactly the same diagnosis. Therefore our first goal is to create a network of at least 20-30 clinicians that are interested in the field of pediatric neuro critical care . Who would like to participate in the development of an education program in our field . We would like to encourage our colleges to take part, support or perform and develope their own studies in pediatric intensive neurocritical care.

One study planed will be EURO-PACK a European wide survey looking for managemant and neuro prognostication sign after pediatric cardiac arrest.

Section Chair: Hannelore Ringe

Deputy Chair: Barney Scholfield



Nursing Science Group


The aim of this section is to promote and disseminate nursing research in PICU and NICU and engage nurses in the research process across Europe. The membership of this section includes both research-active nurses, nurse scientists and clinical nurses who are interested in research. After reaching consensus on priority research topics for PICU and NICU nursing across Europe in 2014 (Tume et al 2014; Wielenga et al 2014), the ESPNIC Nursing Science section has established a five year roadmap to provide focused directions to achieve the goal of achieving collaborative nursing research initiatives. The key aspects of the ESPNIC nursing science roadmap relate to education, networking, mentoring and enhancing multidisciplinary collaboration within ESPNIC sections, with a view to using more electronic and virtual communications to add to the annual face to face congresses and meetings.

Section Chair: Erwin Ista

Deputy Chair: Joseph Manning



Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

Section Chair: Andy Darbyshire

Deputy Chair: George Damhuis




Section Chair: Dick Tibboel 

Deputy Chair: Paula Pokoma



Respiratory Failure


Improve the acute and long-term outcome of the critically ill child by promoting, encouraging and performing education and scientific research related to all aspects of acute respiratory failure in children, including pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatment.

Section Chair: Martin Kneyber

Deputy Chair: Daniele De Luca


De LucaEdit

Renal CRRT

Section Chair: Akash Deep 

Deputy Chair: Vesna Stojanovic



Resuscitation & emergency medicine

Section Chair: Dominique Biarent

Deputy Chair: Sophie Skellett




Section Chair: Padmanabhan Ramnarayan

Deputy Chair: Aleksandra Doronjski



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