ESPNIC July 2017 Newsletter

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Call for candidates for section elections
Resources on the website
ESPNIC Summer School
ESPNIC in the Lancet
CRRT Section Survey
Nutrition Section Survey
Transport Section Survey

Call for candidates for section elections

Section Chair and Deputy Chairs

Dear Member,
ESPNIC is calling on its members to help shape the future of the Society. 
Your commitment as a member is of vital importance to the society, and we strongly count on your support to help us evolve to not only best serve our members but to also serve our mission and vision to improve the standards of care to the critically ill neonates and children throughout Europe.
We now invite and encourage all members to apply for the following vacant positions: 

  • Respiratory- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Ethics- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Cardiovascular dynamics- Deputy Chair
  • Infection, systemic inflammation and sepsis- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Neuro critical care- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition- - Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Pharmacology- Chair
  • Resuscitation- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Quality improvement, patient safety and long term outcomes- Chair and Deputy Chair

Terms of Reference


Submit your application, CV, personal statement, and photo by email to the ESPNIC Administrative Office by 1 September 2017.

Elections will take place 15 September 2017- 15 October 2017. Winners will be announced at the end of October 2017.

Please note that your application should be sent with the following three items:

1. The completed candidate form 


2. A passport style photo in jpg format with the dimensions 200 x 200 pixels

3. Your CV

Your candidature will be considered only upon receipt of all documents.
Please note only members in “good standing” (paid members) will be considered for candidature. Should you have not yet renewed your membership we kindly urge to do so!
Click here to renew your membership.


For support information or for any questions regarding the electoral process, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Resources on the website
Please go to portal and update your contact information so that we can keep you updated on all the latest ESPNIC news and activities. While you are there,take a look at the presentations from ESPNIC 2017 that are now available online in the ESPNIC Academy!

ESPNIC Summer School
Please join us On October 10 and 11 for the ESPNIC Summer School in Marbella, Spain, immediately followed by the 5th European Conference on Paediatric and Neonatal Cardiac Intensive Care (EPNCIC).

A Successful Ground-Breaking Multidisciplinary ESPNIC Initiative: The Definition of Neonatal ARDS

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) was undefined in neonates so far, despite several neonatal respiratory disorders sharing similar biology, physiopathology and histology features with ARDS occurring in later life. Two years ago, an international, collaborative, multicentre and multidisciplinary project has been launched and called "Neonatal ARDS project". It aims to produce an ARDS consensus definition for neonates applicable from the perinatal period. The project has been chaired by Daniele De Luca and Peter Rimensberger, respectively, ESPNIC Secretary and Past-President.

The first part of the neonatal ARDS project has just been published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine presenting the consensus definition of neonatal ARDS, the so called "Montreux definition". We congratulate our society members for this work and we invite you all to the session on neonatal ARDS Project at our incoming congress! Click here to read the full article. Click here to listen to the podcast.

CRRT Section Survey
Nutrition Section Survey
Transport Section Survey

CRRT Section Survey

CRRT/Renal section of ESPNIC is carrying out a survey regarding Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) practice across Europe. As you are aware RRT is practised differently across the PICUs, with different levels of expertise and experience.  The survey result will be used for understanding the current RRT practices across UK and Europe PICUs and the training available. We will be also interested in getting a consensus practice statement, if possible, and review of the paediatric RRT guidelines where needed. The results of the survey will be widely shared as collective data and individual unit responses will remain anonymous and confidential. 
Where necessary, please do approach other members of your unit to gather information for questionnaire completion. The questionnaire will take a total of approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. 
Please pass it on to the Renal/CRRT lead of your unit.
We are very grateful for your efforts in the completion of this survey.


Akash Deep and Vesna Stojanovic on behalf of Renal/CRRT section of ESPNIC​ 

Nutrition Section Survey

Nutritional practices at the pediatric ICU vary greatly due to limited high-level evidence. Recently, there has been some debate about the timing of parenteral nutrition in critically ill children.

The Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital in Rotterdam in the Netherlands has set up an online survey, in collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium. Through this online survey we would like to investigate the current practice concerning parenteral nutrition in critically ill children worldwide and we are also interested in your doubts and reasons for administering parenteral nutrition during the first week. 

Please consider participating in this 10 minute online survey. The questions are available in English, Spanish and French. Your responses are confidential.




Since this questionnaire is mostly about nutritional protocols on PICU’s, we would strongly advise only physicians working in the PICU to participate.

As fellow physicians, we know how limited and valuable your time is, and we appreciate your assistance greatly. We will share the results of the survey with you in a timely fashion.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Yours sincerely,

Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital, the Netherlands
Koen Joosten, MD, PhD                                                                              
Sascha Verbruggen, MD, PhD                                     
Esther van Puffelen, MD 

KU Leuven, Belgium
Prof Greet van den Berghe, MD, PhD                                                      
An Jacobs, MD

Transport Section Survey

The Transport section of ESPNIC would like to learn more about the status of paediatric/neonatal critical care transport services in Europe. We recognise that there is significant variation within Europe regarding the transport of critically ill children to the intensive care unit – who does this, how it is done and when it is done. The information collected as part of this survey will be treated confidentially; and results will be reported only in the aggregate and individual responses will be kept anonymous. We would appreciate it if you could fill out this short survey.