Saturday 22 March 2014

Refractory septic shock in children is representing the ultimate limit in paediatric sepsis management. Although its related mortality is maximum, no clear and consensual definition exist.

Recent advances in paediatric septic shock management including use of VA-ECMO has emerged. Preliminary results suggest that VA-ECMO can be used in the most severe cases of septic shock when septic cardiomyopathy or cardiac arrest occurs. Although this opens a new avenue in managing the most severe cases, use of a validated refractory septic shock definition is mandatory in order to adequately address future therapeutic studies.
The Infection, Sepsis, and Inflammation section of the ESPNIC society has designed an international expert survey aimed at defining criteria and establishing a consensual expert definition for refractory septic shock. The study will be conducted through a three step process using a modified Delphi approach. The first step (April-June 2014) will test definition criteria in four clinical cases. The second step (July-September 2014) will refine identified criteria. The third step will test the definition in a multicentre retrospective study and evaluate criteria used for VA-ECMO.
We strongly encourage you to ask your own institution colleagues to complete the questionnaire.
In the name of the ESPNIC sepsis, inflammation and infection section we thank you for your time and consideration.
The survey can be completed in about 20 minutes , link to online survey :