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1. Cardiac ICU and Mechanical Circulatory Support
Chair Eduardo Da Cruz
Deputy Chair Aparna Hoskote

2. Cardiovascular Dynamics
Chair Joris Lemson
Deputy Chair Yogen Singh

3. CRRT/Renal
Chair Akash Deep
Deputy Chair Vesna Stojanovic

4. Ethics
Chair Joe Brierley
Deputy Chair Marek Migdal

5. Infection, systemic inflammation and sepsis
Chair Etienne Javouhey
Deputy Chair Luregn Schlapbach

6. Metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition
Chair Sascha Verbruggen
Deputy Chair Lynne Latten

7. Neuro critical care
Chair Barney Scholefield
Deputy Chair Karl Reiter

8. Nursing Science Group
Chair Erwin Ista
Deputy Chair Joseph Manning

9. Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing
Chair Andy Darbyshire
Deputy Chair George Damhuis

10. Pharmacology
Chair Dick Tibboel
Deputy Chair Paula Pokorna

11. Quality improvement, patient safety and long term outcomes
Chair Hanneke Ijsselstijn
Deputy Chair Hennie Knoester

12. Respiratory Failure
Chair Marti Pons
Deputy Chair Robert Blokpoel

13. Resuscitation & emergency medicine
Chair Jimena del Castillo
Deputy Chair Sue Chapman

14. Transport
Chair Padmanabhan Ramnarayan
Deputy Chair Aleksandra Doronjski