Section Chair and Deputy Chair Elections

Dear Member,
ESPNIC is calling on its members to help shape the future of the Society. 
Your commitment as a member is of vital importance to the society, and we strongly count on your support to help us evolve to not only best serve our members but to also serve our mission and vision to improve the standards of care to the critically ill neonates and children throughout Europe.
We now invite and encourage all members of sections to vote for the following vacant positions: 

  • Respiratory- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Ethics- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Cardiovascular dynamics- Deputy Chair
  • Infection, systemic inflammation and sepsis- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Neuro critical care- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Metabolism, endocrinology and nutrition- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Pharmacology- Chair
  • Resuscitation- Chair and Deputy Chair
  • Quality improvement, patient safety and long term outcomes- Chair and Deputy Chair

Elections will take place 15 September 2017- 15 October 2017. Winners will be announced at the end of October 2017.

 You must provide your first AND last name(s) and be a registered voting member of the section in which you are voting. Otherwise, your vote will not be counted! Additionally, you may only vote in one section. Even if you are a member of multiple sections, there is one that you have specified as your "voting section". If you are a member of multiple sections and do not know in which you may vote, please contact info@espnic-online.org to find out.

  • For support information or for any questions regarding the electoral process, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@espnic-online.org.