• The topic of the meeting/event must be related to Paediatrics and Neonatal intensive care

• The speakers cannot be all from the same country and, ideally, some have to be an ESPNIC member.

• Its scientific value should be evident as reflected by the recognition of the speakers and their expertise in the field

• ESPNIC will not be involved in the design of the meeting/event

• The meeting/event cannot be a meeting owned by the industry

• ESPNIC’s logo is granted for use in brochures reflecting endorsement

• The meeting/event should not compete with other activities of ESPNIC

For endorsement requests and enquiries contact the ESPNIC office :



7th EfCCNa Congress

16-18 February 2017, Belfast, Northern Ireland

ESPNIC Session and Workshop at the 7th EfCCNa Congress 

To learn more about the congress, go to 

12th European Course

12th European postgraduate Course in Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care

16-18 March 2017, Children's Hospital Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

To learn more about the Course, please visit: 


2nd Pediatric Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine Conference  

18-19 May 2017, Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium 

To learn more about the conference, go to

2017 NIV Graphic

3rd International Pediatric and Neonatal NIV Meeting 

20-22 September 2017, University Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain

To learn more about the Course, please click here 

9th International pCRRT Conference on Pediatric Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

PCRRT Foundation

31 August-September 2017

Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

To learn more about the conference, download the flyer